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Clients have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect and dignity

  • Know a diagnosis, if any

  • Know the methods of counseling I am using in my work with you

  • Have a treatment plan that is understandable and realistic

  • Consult with another counselor

  • Be referred to other treatment professionals or programs which I do not offer

  • Your communications are privileged with me, except as noted under “Limits to Confidentiality”



  • Clients have the responsibility to:

  • Be as honest as you can be including if you are being heard and understood

  • Keep your scheduled appointments or cancel 24 hours in advance of scheduled time

  • Be on time for sessions;

  • Pay the agreed upon fee at the time of service

  • Participate in treatment planning

  • Complete agreed upon skill building practice activities outside of session

  • Ask questions about counseling

  • Let me know if you are planning to stop counseling

Limits to Confidentiality:

The Missouri law governing the practice of Clinical Social Work gives you privilege in your communications with me.  The exceptions are: releases which you sign authorizing me to disclose certain information; reporting suspected child abuse or neglect; threats you may make to take your life; plans you may have to harm other people; court orders with compel me to release information contained in the record; defending myself if you bring charges against me; collaborating or consulting with professional colleagues on your behalf.

My policy is that I do not release written information to other professionals. If you provide me with a Release of Information which specifies information should be released, I only provide a letter summarizing your treatment with me. 

Access to Services Policy

It is my policy to provide services to all persons without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender orientation, or age.


For more on information how we can work together, call 314-308-0627 or contact me online at www.bellinnerwellcounseling.com

Client's Rights and Responsiblities