Substance Use Disorder

“Anyone who has challenged an addiction has done holy work.” Gary Zukov

Are you waiting for sadness over broken promises you made to stop using to leave?  Are you waiting for a feeling of being less empty to arrive?  Are you waiting for wanting to change to arrive?  Have you been waiting for the shame of years of mistakes to leave?  Questions are just tools to dig deeper for answers.  For some answers, please continue reading.

 People don't use drugs because they want to be addicted. Drugs can make you feel good for a while. They may make you feel energetic, self-confident, and powerful. You may take a drug to reduce stress or anxiety or to help you forget a problem. It may work in the short run but never for good.  No one can hide forever from their problems especially if you are contributing to them in ways you’d really rather not.

Long term recovery from addition is a difficult road.  Many who suffer from substance addiction and addictive behaviors remain trapped in a vicious cycle of trying to cut down or control substances.  Sadly, many never know the possibility of a life where chemicals are not in control.  The cost from relying on substances to make you feel good is always high.  It adds up quickly in damaged relationships, missed opportunities and other harmful consequences. It will be hard to face every fear and recover, but not impossible.  For those willing to let go of the temporary good substances bring, they will experience a greater life than they knew was possible.

If you or someone you love has loss control over the use of any substance legal or illegal and it has negatively affected one or more major life areas: job, family, social, or legal, the best time is NOW to get help you need. We won’t demonize you or the drug of choice and help you find ways to reclaim the life you feel is possible. Health and well being can be possible today without first having to win the war with your past. Each day is the start of a new life.  Make it a good day, decide and act wisely to get the support you deserve and need.





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