I love my work as a counselor, coach and trainer.  I can assure you that therapy does work and you don’t have to face difficult times alone. I have witnessed countless times that change is possible and possible quickly in client’s lives. Therapy can be the beginning of a fresh start in life. You may or may not feel fully ready but the fact that you found me means that you, your spouse or partner or others who care think that some change is needed.  The first step is to find out what you think needs to be different and decide whether or not you want to invest the time, energy and money in taking steps in a new direction.




My Practice

“Your inner well being is our commitment”

Building the therapeutic relationship is the first step in our work together to begin to navigate a new direction in your life.  Services are collaborative, meaning both the therapist and client has expertise. I take time to understand and assess each individual’s situation and focus on making small changes that lead to bigger ones.  Rather than focusing on controlling a particular set of symptoms or getting stuck until symptoms leave on their own, clients learn to commit to act in ways which affirm the valued driven life they want most. I use culturally inclusive and culturally relevant approaches to benefit clients from different backgrounds, circumstances and therapeutic goals.


At Bell Inner Well (BIW) counseling, I practice using one of the most current clinical techniques available to therapist called, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ACT.  ACT is the focus of major clinical conferences, publications and research.  ACT represents an exciting advance in the treatment of psychological health that doesn’t make symptom reduction the main goal of the therapeutic work.  Basically, ACT processes work through teaching clients how to accept their reactions, choose valued directions and take workable action to having a better life. I include mindfulness and compassion training techniques that when practiced regularly, can be transformative. In time, clients stop struggling and learn to experience both good and bad thoughts and allow them to gently come and go without sacrificing a richer meaningful life.


I am an active student, trainer and practitioner of evidence based intervention approaches tailored to the individual’s needs. In addition to ACT, I draw from a variety of evidence based therapeutic approaches to help my clients choose more positive directions; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness practices, Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and Motivational Interviewing, to name a few. I have attended advanced level trainings with two of the three ACT co-founders; Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D. and Kelly G. Wilson, Ph.D.as well as other internationally renowned ACT authors, scientist and clinicians’, Russ Harris, M.D. and D.J. Moran, Ph.D.


For more on information how we can work together, call 314-308-0627 or contact me or my direct email admin@biwcounseling.com

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